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Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quick update 2: Ayam Unik !

Mode tuan blog 3-4 hari ini: Trying very hard to catch-up with something !!!! 

Thanks for all the comments, tidak berkesempatan lagi nak reply...will do it later ....

At the moment, I'm presenting this cute and unique rooster for you.....



  1. Ayam besi ni dini..hehe..wat dgn sudu,garpu ek...first time tgk ni...:D

  2. Salam Dini,
    cantiklah arca ni. siapa artisnya?

  3. Salam dini...
    tengok mano rooster unik nie..?

  4. creative nyer..sapa design ngan buat ni..student ker?

  5. Buat dari besi ek,nampak cam sudu pun ada.. comel je:)

  6. Wow impressive! Dinie ke yg buat ni? ;)