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Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Friday, 6 July 2012

"Challenge of married life in modern world"


Many marriages break due to mismanagement of time. Wasting time with friends till late at night is wrong. Wasting time on your mobile device or internet surfing or chatting with others whilst your spouse or family members await you, is wrong. 

Many social networking sites are very addictive, with people interacting at times with those they do not know or who do not mean as much as their immediate families. 

The urge to keep refreshing social applications, checking on messages or remaining online waiting for people to appear is a disease that overtakes some. 

Failure to realize that your friends are "second class" and rank only after your spouse and children can be classed as immaturity. 


  1. Salam Dini,
    married life masa skrg mmg mencabar sekali tambah dgn adanya internet ni. zaman umi dulu dah puas main IRC dll so tak brp terkezut sgt bila ada fb. sbb dlm tenet ni semuanya nampak elok he he..

  2. skang ni mcm2 betul dugaan kan. dah terlalu banyak kes perceraian gara2 social networking ni. mmg sgt2 bahaya! ya Allah, hindarkanlah dari kami semua perkara2 buruk ini..amin

  3. Salam dear,

    Married life kena ada komitmen kan? dan tanggungjawab juga, kalau attitude macam orang bujang, tu yang susah tu.

  4. As salam Dini,

    Yelah, Marya pun skrg ni kena kurangkan jgk ms dgn social network ni & tumpu lebih masa utk hubby & anak2... Dunia maya ni lebih byk pembohongan serta melekakan kalau tak pandai manage... Thank you for info ye :)))