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Monday, 9 January 2012

Resolusi 2012 & 'Quick Tips to Organize Your Life'

Sempena tahun baru yg sudah masuk hari ke 9 ini kan, aku nak buat perubahan sedikit kt blog ni. Bukannya besar pon, tapi aku agak signifikan laaa kot. 

Aku nak 'tiru' cara mamatiamia dan MaryaYusof jawab komen readers. Aku rasa tak salah kot 'tiru' benda baik macam ni kan.

Wah ramai yg komen bab tapau tu ya. I really appreciate all the comments. 

Sebenarnya aku tak kisah kalau depa nak tapau, sebab selalunya nasi akan over extra. Bab lauk jer yg tak ada extra ni. 

JembalCastle = dulu kt OB takdak pulak benda ni berlaku kan.....hikhikhik....rindu zaman ituuuuu.......

Littlehumblelynn = fuyyo dasyat tuuu...majlis tak habis lagi pon ada orang dengan selambanya tapau? muka tebalkah orang itu? ....macam-macam kan...eeheeee...

MaryaYusof = hahhahhaa, I like the word that u used: teraniaya.....kihkihkih..

Dalila Hamid = betul betul, rezeki elok dikongsi-kongsi....by the way, Thanks singgah sini dan folo. Saya pon dah bookmark blog awak kt handphone.....jemput mai sokmo okeh.......

umiyumi = kt Perth pon ada ke golongan macam ini umi? 

Harini aku nak share tips oleh Dr Oz. 

Fact: 85% of women say they don’t have enough time in the day. After finishing work, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner and staying on top of the million other things, it’s natural to feel a little burnt out. Stay on top of your hectic schedule and create some extra time for yourself with these simple organizational tips and tricks.

1. Create a Flexible Calendar
Dentist appointments, piano practice, soccer games – your family’s life can seem like a never ending cycle of activities and errands. Keep track of it all easily with a flexible sticky note calendar. Pin index cards on a large bulletin board to build a monthly calendar. Color code appointments by assigning a color to each member of your family. Clear, clean and easily revisable sticky note calendars can save your family time and energy.

2. Establish a Command Station
When you’ve got a household to run, every minute counts. Research shows, however, that women spend almost an hour everyday looking for lost items. Get that time back by establishing a command station – a place near the entrance of your home to keep necessities in one place: hooks for backpacks and purses, baskets for snacks and school forms, chargers for cellphones and gadgets. Design your station to suit your family’s needs.

3. Employ Kitchen Shortcuts
While the benefits of cooking fresh meals are indisputable it can be extremely time consuming. Home-cooked meals are generally much healthier than packaged foods or take-out. Here are some tricks you can employ to keep your family eating right – even in a pinch:

  • On a Sunday evening, make a large batch of soup using a pre-made chicken broth. This soup can be stored in the freezer and easily prepared on busy nights. You can also portion out single serving bags to take with you for lunch.

  • Store ground meat in a serving-conscious way: fill a zippered plastic bag with the raw meat and seal. Separate it into equal sections by pressing a chopstick over the bag, tic-tac-toe-style, and then pop it in the freezer. The next time you need ground beef, simply break off enough for the recipe you’re preparing.

  • Skip store-bought, processed dressings and marinades. Instead opt for a quick vinaigrette made out of balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, olive oil, salt and pepper. It can be used to dress salads, veggies or meats. Make it once and enjoy for up to 3 months.
4. Just Breathe
Be sure to set aside a little of that extra time to focus on your mental health. With everything you have to do to keep your household running smoothly, you need to schedule 5 minutes a day of peace and quiet for yourself. Put it on the calendar to stay committed.


  1. kat OB dulu mana ado mokcik-mokcik, semuanya mude belia trang tang tang...mana kita nak layan tapau-tapau ni,, nak bagi kat sapaer kan kalau tapau pun...lagi pun masing-masing dah kenyang so enough is enough laaa..heheheh selalu kita tolong tapau2 kan dan bagi kat cleaner dan paksa budak2 lain wat balik,..kihkihkih...macam kita pemalas lipas nak wat balik makanan tapau nih....hehehhe

  2. hi am yr new reader... luv the Just Breathe..tips tuh,sometimes mmg lupa nk buat ni bila terlalu bz..haha.. tq again n insyaAllah after tiz akan selalu visit here :)

  3. employ kitchen shortcut tuh nampak mudah..tp kalo dtg penyakit malas tuh..jadi susah jugak

    hahahaha :-))