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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ajwad & Amzar were at Tambun Lost World....

Hari ini tercipta satu sejarah.

1st faculty trip with the families.

We planned to go to Langkawi in the first place, however due to earthquake on 11th Apr, we agreed to switch to Tambun Lost World.

Ajwad enjoyed every seconds there, accompany by the daddy.......

On the way back home, we dropped by atTaiping Zoo. Ajwad was so amazed with d elephant ! hehehehe.....

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  1. Wow..best2....bila la anak2ku akan kenal permainan air ni...kena tunggu si kecil qaid dah betul2 kuat immune sistemnya dulu...huhu

  2. As salam Dini,

    Wah, seronoknye bercuti! Tetiba terasa rindu dgn Msia bila lihat air kolam tu...huhuuu... ntah apa2 kan...hehehe...

  3. wah seronoknye!!
    dah lama kami x spend time bermandi manda ni..
    (senget benget kepala nk nengok gamba..hehehe)

  4. kepala saya pun senget juga, keh3.

    lamanya tak gi lost world...huhu. teringin nak bawa anak juga.

  5. wah best..tapi kepala senget la dini..hehe..budak2 memang suka sgt dengan air kan..

  6. I'm sure your boys had so much fun there..dulu faculty hubby pon Pnh wat family day kt sini, not bad wpon tk sebesar sunway lagoon kan. ;)